TDC Rig 9


Self Propelled Carrier Mounted

Drilling Method

Non rotational rig, tubing and rod tong compatible. BOP system compatible.

Drilling Application

Tubing (Range 2) and pump rod/insert pump retrieval rig. CSG and conventional Oil and Gas work


Static Pull Cap 80,000 lbs.
Range 2 tubing at max floor height

Mud Pumps

On board 1 x Triplex Pumps, 3BPM


11”, 9” and 7 1-1/16 Annular and Double Gate Rams packages available

Accum (Option)

Integral to Trailer unit and free standing. Remote panel.

Pipe Handler (Option)

TDC Pty Hydraulic Pipe handler c/w integral catwalk and pipe racks

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