TDC Rig 10


2007 Drillmec G55


Trailer Mounted

Drilling Method

Rotary with air/foam or mud circulation system. Reverse Circulation capable. Specialize in Air drilling with hammer.

Drilling Application

Coring, O&G and CSG Production/Exploration. Water well drilling (using in house qualified Water well drillers.)

Air Gap/GL

2m to 4m


Static Pull Cap 122047lbs in air.
Max push 28,373 lbs.
Range 3 Drill Pipe and casing


17,000 ft/lbs Torque 150 RPM

Mud Pumps

2 x Triplex F500 Pumps, total 1,000 HP.


Twin NOV Brandt shakers, DeSilter/shaker

Mud System

250 to 400+ bbls available


11”, 9” and 7 1-1/16 Annular and Double Gate Rams packages available


Integral to Trailer unit and free standing. Remote panel.

Drill Pipe

2200 m of 4” OD 16 lb/ft IF drill pipe. All subs, collars and stabilizers as required

Pipe Handler

TDC Pty Hydraulic Pipe handler c/w integral catwalk and pipe racks

Auxiliary Equip.

Air Drill Packages 2700 CFM at 1450 psi.
Sub Base for increased air gap or raised wellhead available.
Self-Contained camps c/w Rec room and sep Gymnasiums.
Water tankers, bulk fuel tankers, drill tools and hammers, flare tanks, blooie lines, Site accommodation.

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