TDC Rig 3


2008 Irontech 242 Freestanding Single


Carrier Mounted

Drilling Method

Rotary with air/foam or mud circulation system.

Service Application

Completion and Workover, conventional O&G and CSG. Plug and Abandon, cavitation.


Freestanding Static Pull Cap 160,000lbs.
Fixed 72 ft 4 sheave crown API 4F inspection.
Range 3 Drill Pipe and tubing

Power Swivel

Venturetech XK90 5,000 ft/lbs Torque. Max static load 90 tons
3.5” IF connection

Draw works

475 HP 42 x 10 chain driven API 7k & 7F certification, 242Klb rating

Mud System

150 BBl c/w Pump Trailer mounted. 250 to 400+ bbl available


7 -1/16 5K and 11” 3K Annular and Double Gate Rams packages available. Custom designed BOP trailer with hydraulic loading system from trailer to wellhead


4-8 Bottle free standing. Remote panel.

Drill Pipe/collars

All subs, collars and stabilizers as required

Pipe Handler

TDC Pty Hydraulic Pipe handler c/w integral catwalk and pipe racks

Auxiliary Equip.

Stripper, elevators and tongs for rods
Farr tubing tongs.
3k or 5k psi Choke manifold
Self-Contained camps available c/w Rec room and sep Gymnasiums.
Water tankers, bulk fuel tankers, drill tools and hammers, flare tanks, blooie lines, Site accommodation.
Mud pump and tank systems
Case model 821B forklift loader or Equivalent

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